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Power Source surfboards has built the reputation of being the number one custom surfboard manufacturer in Ireland for the last 27 years & continues to produce quality custom shapes, all totally handcrafted by Mark McGuire.

About me,.. Mark

Born in to surfing & the industry in the sixties, i have over forty years surfing experience & have now been shaping surfboards for over 30 years.

After serving an apprenticeship with my local surfboard sponsor, Rockit Surfboards in Newquay, & many years of dabbling with shaping my own surfboards the Power Source label was finally born in 1988. Today, with a few thousands hand shapes under my belt, i am still as dedicated as ever in & out of the water, & am continually pushing my designs in all conditions & in many directions. I feel my past contest experiences have stood by me, helping me understand the importance of continual research & the understanding of the design elements that put together the modern surfboard. My shaping journey continues to evolve today with the help of important feedback from my International riders & also by embracing the new technology & materials we have around us.. not only in the shaping field but also in the glassing field. I have had the pleasure of working with some very talented surfers in the past, lots of Irish rippers, big wave surfers & travelling surfers including Chris Malloy & Joel Fitzgerald where alongside, i was featured in the shaping bay on Andrew Kidmans classic film "Litmus".

At Power Source surfboards, each board is totally hand crafted from start to finish,& gets individual attention throughout each stage of production. As a shaper I always listen to my customers, not forcing my ideas on them, but more so helping to put their ideas and experiences together with my own, to produce a finished, functional shape. This open thinking results in boards that are special & unique.

All our boards are manufactured from the finest materials available, there are no seconds here!! Our belief is in quality & function. Made with love. Welcome to the Power Source Family.


Don't just take our word for it hear what our customers have to say about Powersource
The board.....Tow board 5'10" x 17.25 x 2.25, glassing 3 top 2 bottom, 6oz, vee to slight concave low rail with a swallow tail, FCS fins set for towing, deck inserts for footstraps, double leash plugs......This board rides insane, it carries well allowing me to get off the rope early and make long fades & also work through fatter sections, it is solid off the bottom & top with loads of drive. I've ridden it at four times overhead & just kept pushing it harder every wave. My tow partner Paul O'Kane is riding a 5'7" & is equally stoked, we are coming into our 3rd season & Mark is producing world class boards for us. Many Thanks Mikee & Paul.

Mikee & Paul

Mark, what can I say. The new Retro Quad has been the best thing that has happened to my surfing for a long time. I've had it out in mushy, average and good clean sizable conditions and I love it. Its given me loads more confidence. I honestly can't believe how much better it is than all other boards I have ridden, including my old fish. the one you looked at, remember. The extra float in the board is excellent and as a result my surfing has improved exponentially, not to mention my paddling power. It paddles like a rocket, so much easier to get into waves & im getting in much earlier, just like you said. I got my best waves to date in solid 5 ft,


I have been riding Mark's boards for several years, mainly around the Sligo/ Donegal. I just got a new 6'4 rounded pin, it goes real well for me. I've ridden a lot of boards from my travels in Oz and Hawaii and have yet to find boards that go better for me. I've had a couple of bigger boards, a 6'8 and 6'9 which go really well at the peak when it gets bigger and in any solid surf. I find that they let you into the wave early and are real stable and loose at the same time when riding. I have been riding the 6'4 at the peak and up north and it's just an unreal board. I find a lot of big shapers boards very stiff, they feel very straight on the water. But I when ride Marks boards I'm not really aware of the board, I'm just riding the wave. Thanks again, Aaron



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